Credible and Authentic

Two of the most pivotal aspects of effective communication are also two of the most overlooked: credibility and authenticity. One of the reasons they are overlooked is because many people don't know what they represent.

Here's a primer:

Be Credible
Being credible reflects one big idea: you have to be believed to be heard. So how do you gain credibility?

First you have to start with accuracy. Nothing blows your credibility faster than to engage in what I have come to call the "misses" – mispronouncing a word, misquoting a source, or misrepresenting a perspective.

Early on in my ministry at Meck, I gave an illustration that referenced the Mackinac bridge in Michigan. I had never crossed the bridge myself, but I read a great story about it. When I told it, I pronounced it the way it is written – with a hard "c" at the end. That is not how it is pronounced. It's actually pronounced "Mackinaw." Immediately after our Saturday night service, a first-time guest who had just moved from Michigan came up and corrected me. And then, when they had finished, a second person (also from Michigan) stopped to correct me.

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Daily Headline News

New YouTube offensive on offensiveness offends

"YouTube Heroes," essentially a gaming effort to entice users into, among other things, "mass flagging" of offensive content, which would then be reviewed by professionals and if warranted, removed. (Barbash, The Washington Post)


Firestorms at 2 Colleges After Students Share Racially Charged Photos

In the span of a week, students at two colleges have found themselves at the center of widespread criticism for posting racially charged photos to social media.(Rogers, The New York Times)


Shattering Charlotte's Myth of Racial Harmony

The Queen City has tended to see itself as a beacon of New South moderation, but from slavery to segregation to police violence, it faces the same pressures as many other metropolises. (Graham, The Atlantic)


Breaking Taboo, Swedish Scientist Seeks To Edit DNA Of Healthy Human Embryos

The step by the developmental biologist Fredrik Lanner makes him the first researcher known to attempt to modify the genes of healthy human embryos. That has long been considered taboo because of safety and ethical concerns. (Stein, NPR)


Thinking About Jesus

It's been suggested by some that if you explore the Christian faith, much less a church, you're going to have to "check your brains at the door." But what if the opposite was true? What if Jesus Himself said, "Don't" check your brains at the door. As you explore the Christian faith, dig deep, ask tough questions, bring out your doubts. In this series, James Emery White - who holds a Ph.D., studied at Oxford, and came to faith himself through a fair amount of doubt - explores how to engage the Christian faith intellectually.

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