Knowing vs. Doing

I was speaking at a conference for pastors recently when, backstage in the green room before I was going to speak, a person jokingly asked, "So are you going to tell them how to reach lost people and grow their church?"

I had been traveling all day and didn't have a lot of emotional gas in my tank. Still, I was surprised that I didn't just laugh it off.

I found myself responding quite seriously.

"Yes, I am. So are the other speakers here. The problem isn't with pastors knowing what to do, it's that so many of them won't do it. Or won't be allowed to do it."

The awkward silence in the room was heavy.

"It's true," I continued. "There are so many churches to learn from that are growing. It's really no secret what to do, or how to do it. The problem is that people come to these events and walk away without the courage or the freedom to do what they've heard."

Then I added, travel fatigue clearly showing, "It's very frustrating to me."

Everyone in the room nodded their heads in silent agreement.

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